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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hooray for Chest/Back Day!

My favorite day finally came around again today, and I also had slightly sore legs for the first time in ages. I had a cancellation this morning so I found myself in an empty gym with nearly two full hours to work out (hence all the sets).

This was a 'typical' bodybuilding style routine because I am in that phase again. I try to follow a 3 day split of chest/back, Shoulders/Arms, and Legs because this potentially allows for hitting each muscle group twice a week; but lately it's been more like a 4 day split because of time constraints.

I usually (depending on my immediate goals) change what phase I am in every time I start my split again. The three main phases I go through are Bodybuilding (for muscle size and definition), Power Lifting (for muscle strength and size), and Hi-Rep training (for muscle endurance and definition). While these are the main categories, they are just guidelines I use to maintain the best combination of form and performance, as well as to keep things interesting. No two workouts look exactly alike. I will go into more detail on each individual phase as I go through them, so stay tuned.

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