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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! - Derek

After a long and eventful absence I'd like to wish everyone a strong and motivated start to 2010. While most people I've talked to (as well as myself) didn't exactly stick to their diet plans 100% over the holidays, January is a great time to get back on track and strive for your goals as we look forward to the upcoming spring. A few notes on where we've been the past 2 months:
  • Visited family and worked out at Gold's Gym in San Diego
  • Moved into our first home on Thanksgiving day
  • I had my first bodybuilding photo shoot (pictures to come)
  • Celebrated Christmas!
  • Spent lots of quality time with heavy weights. And family.
We are also currently training for a March photo shoot where we will do couples posing and even some themed fantasy photos, so stay tuned for our game plans as that approaches.

Until next time, eat plenty of beans and greens!


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