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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weights, Nutrition, and Beer

The past week has been rather crazy. With school winding down, finding time to post has proven difficult. The same goes for working out, so my last 'official' workout was a chest+back day (shown below), and what has followed since are whatever workouts I've been able to fit in between work and class.
I have been continuing on an extended bodybuilding phase to aid in my goal of gaining a few pounds of muscle. I have been having the vegan weight gainer recipe daily and feel like it is really helping me add lean weight without all the discomforts of powders.

Nutritional Notes:
More on why we avoid animal protein: Here's a (disturbing) glimpse of the book I keep recommending, Eat To Live, showing some of the multitude of informative graphs and charts it contains. The pictures below come from Dr. Fuhrman's blog.

If you are a skeptic who needs the source of such information (good for you!) I urge you again to purchase the book or view one of the of sites below, all packed with research, such as:

Saved By Nutrition

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

and, of course:


After you've done your reading, or if you can take such information on my word, you should be well on your way to incorporating more fresh produce into your diet. The literature says it all. With such a clear correlation between too little unrefined plant intake and America's #1 and #3 killers (heart disease and cancer), it's no wonder our fridge looks like this:

And, if you are wondering about what I've got circled here, just remember:

"Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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