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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Note on Resolutions for 2010 anda Meal Plan to Come!! - Marcella

This is my personal opinion, by the way, and not necessarily Derek's:

There's a big difference between committing to accomplish something and committing to "give something a try".

If you've committed to improving your diet and exercise this year, congrats to you: the spectacular way you're about to feel in your own body is reward beyond anything you could receive by accomplishing any other goal. Really, it's not hyperbole - all other achievements follow from the way you feel and the way others perceive you, and being confident and comfortable in your own skin is key.

If you've decided to "try" to improve these things, you may as well not bother because you've already decided to fail. You've gone and already built in an excuse for your failure by adopting such a sorry excuse for a commitment: after all, you never said that you definitely would, just that you'd try, and things have just been so hectic, and etc., etc....Life is probably never going to provide you with the perfect backdrop to reach your goals with ease, and really, why expect such ease anyway? Is a goal that allows you to pamper yourself along the whole way really worth reaching?

Don't make it an all-or-nothing thing, either, as that's another way to doom yourself to failure unless you're a Buddhist monk. Indulge once in a while and feel no guilt. I'd say a reasonable guideline is healthy 95% of the time, indulgent 5% of the time - that's my opinion only, however.

Just my thoughts as I prepare to post an awesome, full-blown meal plan with recipes and shopping lists that can make it relatively straightforward to achieve the above goals. It's in Excel format (I can finally put those work-derived spreadsheet skills to use), and I'm going to figure out how to make it download-able from our website. The first week is done, and I'll leave it to Derek's discretion whether to make the following weeks password-protected for client's use only.

We'll be following this plan over the next 2 months at least as we work to get in the best possible shape we can, both for our photo shoot and our wedding this June. I've made it as hectic-lifestyle friendly as possible, considering I literally schedule my day out in half-hour increments and have about 1.5 hours per day to be messing around with preparing food. I'm sure it's imperfect, but that's the bonus of a download-able format - alter to suit yourself!



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