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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diet Planning Worksheet!!

Here it is: a simple, interactive diet worksheet I built in Microsoft Excel to help us reach our respective fitness goals, and that we're now sharing with you as a proven success!

How we did it:
Derek gathered info about the diets of the male and female winners of the Olympia bodybuilding contest and adjusted their calorie and nutrient intake down to our body weights. Then I put my Excel skills to work in creating a spreadsheet that was easy to update quickly and understand. Before sharing it with you, I added some formulas to make it work for everyone, like calorie calcs based on weight (averaged from values on the American Cancer Society site and checked by Derek for reasonableness) and adjustments for activity level.

How it works:
In finance, we tend to compare actual results to expected results using ratios to get a comprehensive snapshot of where we stand and I figured why not do the same here? Hence the "Actual/Ideal" ratio I've included at the bottom of the sheet: 100% across the board is perfect, while something like 150% of your ideal fat intake is clearly bad...Instructions are contained on the first page, please follow the link to download:

Diet Planning Sheet on Google Docs

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