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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lions and Pizza and Pears, oh my!

Shoulders day is my very favorite workout day, something I never would have imagined. I used to have a lot of rotator cuff issues with my shoulders and couldn't extend or bring in my arms at certain angles and they always just ached.

As I've more than quintupled my shoulder strength, the aching has gradually disappeared completely; I guess whatever tendon problems I may have had were eased by having stronger stabilizing muscles? Who knows - whatever the reason, it's still a great benefit of working past initial limitations instead of giving up.

was the usual fruit/protein smoothie.

Lunch was the same as yesterday:

with the addition of a big bag of sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes and a pear from Argentina. Who would have thought that crunching away on sugar snap peas for half an hour could be so satisfying - my co-workers may have found it less so...

Another late night at work, but, because I "happened" to have a brochure for Pizza Fusion lying on my desk when it came time to order dinner, I was able to eat this time!

Definitely a rare treat; I ordered a vegan soy cheese pizza with roasted zucchini and spinach - and a multigrain crust, of course. And since everyone was ordering larges - for themselves - I succumbed to peer pressure and was able to bring the rest of the pizza home for Derek, much like a lioness of the Serengeti. Or not, I'm very tired right now...



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