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Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Weight Set!

I finished classes last week (yay), but have still found posting difficult, so I don't think I will be able to more than once or twice a week. For our workouts, we bought a used weight set and have been working out more than once a day, which is great for our progress, but very hard to keep track of for posting. I have been roughly following my same split, but now my workouts are shorter and more numerous.

In addition to making up to date posting harder, the new gym has allowed me to get more creative with exercises since I am not as crunched for time. For the past week I have been using a lot of dynamic resistance (ie stretch bands) to add a different feel to many of my favorite exercises. By attaching a band to a weight so that lifting the weight stretches the band, the weight becomes heavier the farther you move it. This dynamic resistance is generally used by strength and speed athletes to improve performance, but it also provides a great peak contraction at the top of every lift, which can aid muscle growth.



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