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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Try high reps for some good lean fun

The posting seems to have come a halt as life (school exams+work) has been busy lately, but with only one more week of classes things should slow down a bit and I will be posting more often.

I have missed posting many workouts, but seeing as I was on an extended bodybuilding phase I didn't leave much out. I just finished a high rep phase, which I described a while back as type of routine I work in to maintain muscle endurance as well as definition, burn lots of calories, and just to mix it up. Those of you who have the pleasure of training with me (ie my beloved victims) would recognize this cycle's fast pace and splendid burning sensations. I feel your pain. Here are two of the high rep workouts I did to give an idea:

For those of you interested in the details of this cycle, there are a few tricks I use in addition to the obvious less weight less rest more reps. I also like to work in different styles of exercise, such as more dumbells for greater range of motion, and calisthenics to improve coordination balance etc.. Also, when I super set exercises, I will choose two for the same muscle group, rather than opposing muscle groups, to really get them burning.

Sometimes, to really mix things up, I will perform Tabata intervals on my high reps days. A select few of my clients have experienced these and know how 'fun' they are. Feel free to check them out at:

Tabata Training

I've also been playing around with the weight gainer shake recipe a bit and will give an updaed version in my next post. Suffice to say, by having two a day (an extra 2000 calories) I was able to gain 4lbs of muscle in one week with no change in bodyfat. That's gotta be a record.

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