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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fried food makes my stomach hurt

We decided yesterday to get Vietnamese for lunch, at Mekong because they at least offer brown rice instead of white, and lots of vegan menu options (forgot to bring the camera, doh!). I didn't want any rice or anything saucy and salty so I opted for a grilled tofu platter - a plate of fresh veggies and tofu that you assemble yourself into spring rolls with rice wrappers

...but the tofu turned out to be fried, much to my dismay. There's no way in hell I would ever raise a fuss in a restaurant over something like that, though, and since we'd waited til 4 pm to eat lunch, I gamely went ahead and ate some of it. Just eating 6 pieces of the fried tofu made my stomach all crampy. Next time I'll ask for them not to fry it because other than that it's a really light and tasty dish, and a good place for work lunches.

Easy 15 Minute Dinner: For dinner I wanted something as light as possible; this is probably a good principle to follow for imperfections - just plan on paying for it for the remainder of the day. So I simply chopped up some garlic and onion and sauteed them,

dumped a pound of frozen spinach in the pan and covered and cooked it til it was mostly defrosted, and then added a can of chickpeas. I sprinkled on a healthy dose of curry powder and some crushed red pepper flakes, and steamed a pack of
broccoli/cualiflower/baby carrot mix.

Edamame is also a great accompaniment, it's got a lot of protein and is really filling, you just have to go easy on the coarse salt. I microwaved it in bag, made a salad, and that was it. It was more than the 2 of us could eat.

I haven't been posting my workouts due to time costraints, but I have been doing them, of course. I had a pretty lackluster arms day that's not even worth mentioning really.

Legs today was about on par with the usual for me except that I usually do at least 2 more exercises: I used to be able to go a lot heavier on squat but I recently dropped the weight to work on my form. I wasn't keeping my feet ahead of my knees properly or going down far enough....

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